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PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 9:28 am 

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Spanks, I disagree on just one statement of yours. The game did not pass your old coach by. He had some good teams a few years back, nothing like the monster teams he had a few decades ago, but he still produced even when he wasn't blessed with a plethora of talent. Amphi, much like many Valley schools, simply fell victim to urban sprawl. New housing communities were built out near the catalina area, Empire, Vail, etc. and nice new, low priced housing drew familites out of Tucson proper and with that went the talent. Now, Amphi is not where the Phoenix Union schools are at where they collectivly win 4 games each football season nowadays, but the Panthers certainly aren't in the heyday of talent overflowing through their halls. Their basketball program had a great run, but I believe we will see that success recede in the near future as well. Friedli was the best thing that ever happened to that school...he knew how win correctly, through defense and ball control. With all these flashy new offenses in high school and college, who still wins the titles? Blue Ridge and their Wing T/defensive dominance, Alabama (and LSU as well) defense and a methodical ball control offense. The game didn't pass Friedli by...the talent did, on it's way out to the 'burbs.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:39 am 
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Agreed...but I still feel that a coach needs to be somewhat flexible from season to season. It's the age old question of do you continue to run one offensive scheme that has proven to be successful and force your kids into positions within that scheme, or do you modify your scheme a little to better suit the talents of the players on that particular team? I happen to believe that you have a better chance getting the most talented players into positions in which they will excel. IMO, Amphi could have maintained it's dominance if coach would have compromised just a tad and thrown the ball 10-15 times a game during those seasons when he had capable QB's; get the defense off balance and all those great RB's the Panthers have had over the years would have flourished even more because the defense wouldn't have been lining up already knowing what was coming their way.

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